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We had the chance to interview Richard, RevOps Manager at Cattle Dog Digital. In this post, we dive into Richard’s story, learning curves, role, and passions.
Choosing the right MarTech is one of the key decisions marketers need to make as part of a digital optimisation journey. The right tech stack can help achieve marketing and sales goals across the customer lifecycle, save time, and costs. On the other hand, not picking the right tools may bring extra complications and add unnecessary stress to marketing and sales teams.
Revenue Operations has become the go-to model for driving maximum revenue in a business. This model is designed to use people, process and technology to deliver seamless revenue generation through the funnel from first touch to finance and renewals. How does marketing fit into all of this?


“70% of what sellers do today…can be replaced by technology.” - Tony J Hughes. With this staggering statistic, how do sellers and marketers de-risk their career? Technology is a clear part of the present and the future, there is no end in sight. In this episode, Tony J Hughes, sales leader and bestselling author, shares the critical elements that sales and marketing professionals need to embrace to stay relevant and grow in their role.
The future is technology. Every day, new tech is being invented and then integrated into our jobs and lives. Over the years, technology has been edging in to replace many jobs in the market. How do we as humans stop competing with technology and start leveraging technology to help us accelerate in our careers? In this episode, Tony J Hughes, sales leader and bestselling author, shares what the future of B2B selling looks like and gives us a sneak peek into his book, Tech-Powered Sales. Tony talks about the 4th industrial revolution, how COVID has accelerated tech adoption, the benefits of technology, challenges for sellers, and how to become superhuman. He also speaks on elevating your TQ (Technology Quotient), how AI is operating in the modern world, how AI is affecting society, and how humans can work together with technology.
A tech adoption journey can be a challenging process for business leaders, employees and customers. As a growing business, it is important to consider all angles of what new technology means for the people and processes in your company. How is this done effectively and efficiently? In this episode of All Ears of Digital Transformation, Tony J Hughes, and Luke Orell discuss the deep strategies and considerations when going on a tech adoption journey like; advanced CRM strategies, ensuring ROI on tech spend, developing the right tech stack for your unique business, bringing marketing, sales, service and support teams together, modern technology’s automation, AI, and forecasting capabilities, delivering exceptional customer experience, and embracing your new technology through it all!

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