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Melbourne Market Authority

Melbourne Market Authority (MMA) is the primary wholesale fruit, vegetable and cut flower trading centre in Victoria. The Cattle Dog Digital pack led MMA in their digital transformation journey by simplifying their existing processes and consolidating five siloed systems into one platform.

Simplified Processes

Moving from 5 Systems to 1 with Salesforce & FinancialForce


Melbourne Market Authority (MMA) had several legacy complex systems that simply didn’t talk to each other. This created a situation with multiple data silos and many disconnected manual processes for everything from invoicing to bank reconciliation. The impact of the fact MMA’s data was spread over multiple systems constrained the ability to identify strategic opportunities and also gain important operational insights from business reports. The disconnected data and processes also led to inefficient operational workflows and customer interactions.

Cattle Dog Digital partnered with MMA to collaboratively prioritise the scope of the build phase using Cattle Dog Digital’s agile delivery methodology to deliver an efficient and effective platform functionality. Cattle Dog has since become the incumbent partner for MMA, providing both Salesforce and FinancialForce expertise

Embarking on a
Digital Transformation Journey

Melbourne Market Authority (MMA) wholeheartedly embraced the transformational change within their business. Their goals were to enable the organisation to better support their market users, both buyers and sellers. The Cattle Dog Digital pack helped lead MMA to rapid success, with agile delivery and a best practice governance model. Using best-of-breed tools on the Salesforce platform combined with Cattle Dog’s expert knowledge and experience, MMA successfully adopted an enterprise-grade new end-to-end system. Cattle Dog and MMA continue to work together on their continuous optimisation journey.
The Problem
  • Disconnected financial & operational systems
  • Manual invoicing, bank reconciliation
  • Limited view of data
  • Difficulty identifying strategic opportunities
  • Inefficient operational workflows
  • Poor customer interactions
  • The Solution
    • Single source of truth on Salesforce
    • Automated banking statements & work orders
    • Diminished human error & manual input
    • Digital statements for customers
    • Redesigned processes
    • Efficient workflows & streams
    • Continuous improvement culture
    Why Cattle Dog Digital?
    "The expertise that was required couldn’t be minted in-house. Cattle Dog was able to come in and assist us in our transformation piece that no one else could do.”

    Harry Battal
    CFO, Melbourne Market Authority
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    “The staff at The Melbourne Market Authority have been thrilled with the way that Cattle Dog and Salesforce has enabled them to… [reduce the number of] software systems into one package… the Cattle Dog team have been wonderful to work with. They are always available whenever we need to call them.”

    Harry Battal
    CFO, Melbourne Market Authority

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