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How to Rocket Your Revenue with RevOps

How to Rocket Your Revenue with RevOps

by Ying Hu

October 13, 2022

The Revenue Rocket Ship is Launching. Are You On Board? 

Driving consistent revenue while navigating through times of economic uncertainty is a challenge many business leaders are facing. Poor revenue management adds extra stress to the business decision-making process and hinders an organization’s overall growth. That’s why more and more organizations have joined ‘The RevOps Revolution,’ which provides an approach to strategic revenue growth with the alignment of technology, people and processes. 

Key Statistic: 

“By 2025, 75% of the highest growth companies in the world will deploy a revenue operations (RevOps) model…”

Gartner, Inc.

As RevOps leaders and expert practitioners, the Cattle Dog Digital team has developed the ultimate guide to revenue operations in the new ebook: The RevOps Revolution: How to Rocket your Revenue. This free ebook helps businesses of all sizes find their footing in RevOps and accelerate revenue like a rocket ship going to the moon. The ebook helps businesses develop a strong revenue strategy through these issues:

  • Are you struggling with a new strategy to maximize your business ROI in the post-pandemic economy? 
  • Are you looking to improve your overall business process to better align with your customer lifecycle?
  • Do you feel that you are spending too much time and budget managing your technology tech across your business?
  • Do you find your sales, service and marketing team are working in silos and hope to increase operational efficiency?

We have brought in the brightest minds in business and RevOps to provide a detailed overview of the RevOps framework and how to apply it in action. Whether you are just starting your RevOps journey or want to optimise your current strategy, the ebook will be your perfect point of reference. It is jam-packed with data, insights, and tips to help you build your own RevOps solution.

The RevOps Revolution: How to Rocket Your Revenue – A Guide Created by RevOps Leaders, for RevOps Leaders

In the ebook, you will find contributors such as:

Karyn Scott

Karyn Scott 

Karyn is a silicon valley tech marketing executive with 25+ years of experience helping public and private organizations grow and scale. She’s an investor, a c-suite advisor to numerous early-stage start-ups and an active board member serving on both private and non-profit boards.

Tony Hughes

Tony J. Hughes

Tony has 35 years of corporate and sales leadership experience having generated record-breaking results as a salesperson, head of sales, and CEO leading the Asia-pacific region for multi-nationals. He is a best-selling author, consultant, trainer and keynote speaker. Tony is Co-founder and Sales Innovation Director at Sales IQ Global.

Brett McInnes

Brett McInnes

Brett has 20+ years in CEO /Director /GM leadership roles for leading technology vendors, distributors, retailers, telco’s and management consultancies. He has deep knowledge of B2B and B2C go-to-market models layered with digital, mobility, and cloud-first solutions market expertise. 


“Revenue. That’s the bottom line for any business. Driving it. Maximizing it. Expanding it. It’s like oxygen: no organization can survive without it.”

– Karyn Scott, The RevOps Revolution: How to Rocket Your Revenue

Join the RevOps Revolution and rocket your revenue today – start by downloading your free digital copy of the ebook.

We hope you enjoy this ebook as much as we do. If you would like to know more about how RevOps can specifically benefit your business, please reserve a free RevOps Roadmap Assessment to meet 1:1 with a RevOps expert, where we will help you outline your RevOps journey to revenue success.