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How to Ensure Tech Adoption

A tech adoption journey can be a challenging process for business leaders, employees and customers. As a growing business, it is important to consider all angles of what new technology means for the people and processes in your company. How is this done effectively and efficiently? In this episode of All Ears of Digital Transformation, Tony J Hughes, and Luke Orell discuss the deep strategies and considerations when going on a tech adoption journey like; advanced CRM strategies, ensuring ROI on tech spend, developing the right tech stack for your unique business, bringing marketing, sales, service and support teams together, modern technology’s automation, AI, and forecasting capabilities, delivering exceptional customer experience, and embracing your new technology through it all!

In this episode, we dig into tech stack strategies and discuss questions like:

– Where is the best place to get started with tech adoption?

– What does successful tech adoption look like?

– Who is responsible for leading tech adoption?

– How do you adjust if you adopt the wrong technology?

– What preparation you should do when looking for the right technology?

– What’s the key to a successful tech adoption journey?

Show Notes.

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