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The RevOps Masterclass Series: RevOps for Marketing

The RevOps Masterclass Series is led by Revenue Operations (RevOps) experts who live and breathe RevOps. This educational series dives into the ins and outs of Revenue Operations from the basics, to the in-depth strategies that deliver an optimised revenue engine for your unigue business. In these sessions you will learn how to execute and master RevOps across marketing, sales, customer service, and finance.

In this second session, attendees will learn:

  • How to evolve into a revenue-focused marketing practice
  • How marketing and sales work together in a RevOps model
  • How to set up marketing automation to flow through the funnel
  • Key technologies for data-driven marketing
  • Benefits of RevOps for marketing
  • How start implementing RevOps in your business

With deep knowledge in delivering a RevOps strategy through the funnel, the series instructors bring their best and brightest insights to advise you on your RevOps journey. Watch this session now on demand by filling out the form provided.

Kenzie Lee

Marketing Manager

Ying Hu

Senior Marketing Automation Consultant

Sarah Harkness

Sarah Harkness

Co-Founder & Director of Revenue Operations