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If you’re a marketer that spent MONTHS planning and preparing a marketing strategy for 2020, only to realise that with the pandemic, lockdowns, and global shift to “go virtual,” it was best to throw your marketing strategy out the window (I’m here for ya, it’s ok to cry).
You’ve read all the reports, seen the statistics, and watched the infomercial on why alignment works. Even with all of that, you’re still stuck on where to get started.
So you’ve got your tech stack rolled out, completed messaging and created inspiring content that you’re certain will get attention. It’s “go” time and you’ve created multi-step cadences with landing pages attributed, set up the campaigns in Salesforce, synching with your marketing automation tool.
It’s safe to say that all marketing teams had to perform a 360 ‘about turn’ to align spend and resources with an ‘all-in on digital’ focus. Budgets have been cut, teams down-sized and if you’re lucky, maybe you experienced just a haircut. One thing is certain: everyone is closely watching KPIs and dashboards week-over-week looking for signs of an upturn.