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Pack Profile: Shri Newa

His Beginnings in ERP, Passions, and Team Culture Views

by Alice Buckley

February 14, 2022

We had the chance to interview Shrijendra Nath Newa, a Consultant at Cattle Dog Digital. In this post, we dive into Shri’s start in ERP, his passions, and his perspective on the Cattle Dog Digital culture.


Getting Started in ERP 

Shri joined the Cattle Dog Digital (CDD) team in August 2021. Shri’s journey in joining the Cattle Dog team came through his connections with the pack at CDD. Shri and Adrian Heng, Cattle Dog’s ERP Practice Lead, first met by connecting on Linkedin. Shri and Andrew, Cattle Dog’s Consultant in the ERP Practice, were friends at university. 

At university, Shri had studied ERP systems and had experience with ERP systems and change management. Shri was working at Woolworths International as an Export Administrator when a position opened up at Cattle Dog Digital for a Graduate Consultant, this sparked his interest. Shri ended up starting his new role on the Cattle Dog ERP team, working alongside Andrew and Adrain.

In Shri’s role as a Consultant, he assists in implementing ERP systems. Shri describes his role  as ‘quite dynamic.’ He does not limit himself to the ERP world, he is striving to learn about every aspect of the business and is excited to gain first hand experience with his mentors at CDD. 

There’s Always Something to Learn

Learning is Shri’s passion. In his role, he enjoys the challenge of discovering how different ERP and CRM platforms operate. Shri admires that CDD values his passion for learning, especially his enthusiasm to learn from highly skilled mentors. He has been able to upskill on multiple platforms, like Sage Intacct and Salesforce to support client ERP and CRM needs. Shri shared that the best part of working at CDD is not just learning, but also the opportunity to earn several certifications to enhance his professional skills.

shri newa


Shri’s view on the Cattle Dog team culture: “Miles apart but close at heart.”

-Shri Newa, Consultant, Cattle Dog Digital 



Close at Heart

Shri views the culture at Cattle Dog Digital as a family environment, sharing, “You can go to anyone at any time with your concerns, rest assured you will be guided through the right path.” He likes that the team at CDD is able to bond easily. At Cattle Dog Digital, the team is spread across different states and countries, Shri describes it as, “Miles apart but close at heart.”


Favourite Dog: German Shepherd

When Shri lived in Nepal, he had a German Shepherd. He says that she was a gentle dog who loved everyone. Despite the stereotype that German Shepherds are supposed to be guard dogs and fearsome, every time someone used to come into the house his dog just used to play with them and that made her more lovable.