Cattle Dog Digital

Pack Profile: Dylan Jobson

His Story, Role and Passions

by Alice Buckley

February 21, 2022

We had the chance to interview Dylan Jobson, RevOps Consultant at Cattle Dog Digital. In this post, we dive into Dylan’s role, passions, and his story with Cattle Dog Digital.


Salesforce Starts

“Salesforce is the only thing I’ve ever done,” Dylan shared. In 2011, Dylan started his career at Salesforce as the first APAC intern selected whilst studying a certificate in business, then moving to work at a consulting firm, then Fairfax Media, then back to a consulting firm to then transition into Telco. Dylan watched Cattle Dog Digital for three years, when a position became available. Dylan said that he had been progressing towards this role so he was excited at the opportunity. Dylan says that Sarah, Cattle Dog’s Co-Founder is his longest professional contact, knowing her since he was 18 years old. Dylan says that moving into Cattle Dog was a really seamless process, as he had a mentor who shadowed him, handbooks which had a lot of detail on his role and strong corporate values which he could focus on and stay aligned with. 


A Rad RevOps Consultant

Dylan is a RevOps Consultant at Cattle Dog Digital, which involves workshopping with customers and building solutions that meet their needs. Dylan says it is a diverse role as “no one day is the same thing”. He is always learning new skills and has the opportunity to collaborate with coworkers and customers to create great customer outcomes. 


“Cattle Dog feels a bit like a professional sports team, but there’s no bench… we all work together to create the best outcomes for our customers.”

-Dylan Jobson, RevOps Consultant, Cattle Dog Digital 


The Value of Connecting 

Dylan is passionate about business models and understanding why it is the way they work or don’t work. As well, Dylan really enjoys connecting with people both within and outside Cattle Dog as it provides the opportunity to teach people new skills that are more efficient. Through connecting with people, Dylan is able to learn how to better interact with people like clients and has learnt what questions to ask through watching executive leaders in meetings.


Work is Also Family 

Dylan shares that, “work is work, but work is also family”. He says that sometimes work doesn’t feel like work because it is so enjoyable. There is unlimited opportunity to contribute to the growth of the company and collectively, the entire team shares aspirations to grow and improve. Together, the team is dedicated to evolving as, “Cattle Dog feels a bit like a professional sports team, but there’s no bench… we all work together to create the best outcomes for our customers”.

Dylan also says that Cattle Dog is a small company unlike other organisations he has worked with who have 1500+ employees. This allows for more interaction and a tight-knit group who care for one another. Finally, “the remoteness of CDD is cool” says Dylan. You can work from anywhere in the world, so the flexibility is definitely a draw card for him.


Favourite Dog: German Shepherds 

Dylan likes German Shepherds as they have an instinct to protect, guard and make sure that their people are taken care of. They are very busy and full of energy. You can always rely on them. However Dylan says that his spirit animal is a greyhound, “they work fast but also lay down and do nothing”.