Cattle Dog Digital

Pack Profile: Bala Mohan

His Background, Story and Teamwork Mindset

by Alice Buckley

February 3, 2022

We had the chance to interview Balachandar Mohan, Senior Salesforce Consultant at Cattle Dog Digital. In this post, we dive into Bala’s background, passions, and his story with Cattle Dog Digital.


Journey in Tech

In 2007, Bala graduated from university in India. Soon after completing his computer science degree, he began his career at HCL, a global technology services and consulting company. Bala had the chance to work with large clients such as Commonwealth Bank, where he met Nashir Uddin, Cattle Dog’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. Bala moved to Australia in 2019 and started a role as a Technical Business Analyst. Bala and Nas reconnected and Nas offered Bala the opportunity to join his newly established business, Cattle Dog Digital. In August 2020, Bala joined the Cattle Dog team as a Salesforce Consultant .


Pedigree Salesforce Expert

Bala first joined Cattle Dog as a Salesforce Consultant. He shared that the role gives him more flexibility, everyday he gets to work on various projects like workshopping or problem-shooting with clients explaining, “It is a dynamic role.” In late 2021, Bala was promoted to Senior Salesforce Consultant and continues to lead projects forward with his wealth of experience. 

“If you work as a team you are always able to give 100% as you are all working towards a common motive.”

-Bala Mohan, Senior Salesforce Consultant, Cattle Dog Digital




All About Teamwork

Bala strongly believes in teamwork. “If you work as a team you are always able to give 100% as you are all working towards a common motive”. He enjoys the great and rewarding feeling he gets from working in a team environment. Bala says that at Cattle Dog, “people trust you, they are very transparent, they are flexible and there is no hierarchy in roles”. Right from the day Bala joined, he shared that, “the team has always been supportive…they are happy to listen.”