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Botero Brews Ongoing Success with Salesforce and Cattle Dog Digital

by Alice Buckley

October 21, 2021

We partnered with Salesforce to accelerate the success of Botero, a locally owned Cafe in Northern New South Wales’ town of Maclean. Digitising their data to grow more efficiently became their priority, transforming its entire operations. We played a key role in helping Botero to digitise its data and optimise the benefits of Salesforce, including streamlining processes to improve the experience of employees and customers.

With the growth of the business by expanding its coffee distribution Australia wide, keeping on top of data became essential.

“As we transitioned from a small business into a medium-sized business, keeping on top of our data became a full-time job. There was a spreadsheet for this and a spreadsheet for that and bits of paper with part numbers written down by field technicians,” said Jayc Salter, Operations & Logistics at Botero.

3 priorities were established:

  1. Moving sales and service online
  2. Increase efficiencies out in the field and inside the office
  3. Keeping customers at the centre

Moving sales and service online was prioritised as the Botero team aimed to track assets. This was a major stepping stone to move forward, allowing Botero to track sales and service activities. Increased efficiencies for technicians resulted in the deployment of Salesforce. Details and service histories of customers are saved online eg invoices and serial numbers, improving customer experience and efficiency.

Keeping customers at the centre is vital in Boteros eyes, as the business is built on relationships. Customers are at the centre of Boteros operations, so for example, the visibility of customers interactions via Salesforce are majorly beneficial to the business functioning.

Botero successfully harnessed an array of data through the platform, escalating the business in a positive direction. To put things into perspective- 7.5 hours average time is saved on weekly invoicing, as a result of the implementation of the 3 key priorities.

“I love opening Salesforce up every morning and having all of this information at my fingertips.” said Quinn from Botero.

Botero sees even more opportunities on the horizon. The team aims to dig deeper and optimise even further with the support of Cattle Dog and Salesforce.

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