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3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Adopt RevOps in 2022

by Ying Hu

December 15, 2021

RevOps (Revenue Operations) has been a buzzword for quite a while. With the impact of the pandemic, CEOs, CMOs, leaders and decision makers are all looking for a more efficient and tech-savvy way to deliver results and pivot into a new world of opportunities and competitions. While it may take effort and time to make the changes, it’s never too late to get started. Here are 3 reasons why adopting a RevOps approach should be top of mind as we enter 2022:

1. The RevOps Integrated Data Approach

We all know that data is the king in the new world of AI and digital economy. The tracking and collection of customer data information starts before a potential lead makes contact with you, and that does not stop when they become your customer. The right RevOps strategy can actively help you to optimise your data visibility and improve your forecast ability across different channels. This would become an advantage over competitors, and empower your business to be more proactive when it comes to engaging with key customers and identifying business opportunities. 

Start Today: 

Have a quick review of reports and spreadsheets and identify the key metrics that would be most valuable for your revenue growth as part of your 2022 RevOps implementation wishlist. Customer data is not just numbers and statistics, it should tell a story of the market and provide insights for data-driven decisions. 

“Customer data is not just numbers and statistics, it should tell a story of the market and provide insights for data-driven decisions.” 

2. A More Holistic Customer Experience

Customers nowadays are smart and have high expectations. They expect you to remember their names, know their preferences, and also be able to predict what they want next — whether it’s chatting with your brand representative on live chat, making a purchase online or visiting your store in person. A RevOps approach aligns your business strategy with each of your customer touchpoints and helps identify any gaps that may affect the customer experience you provide. 

Being able to have a clear understanding of these touchpoints across your revenue funnel creates more engagement opportunities with your customers. From a customer’s perspective, they are only interacting with one brand throughout the buying journey, so there’s no reason why your business should not consider a solution that provides a holistic experience–for both your existing and future customers.

3. Streamlined Team Process

The success of a company is never because of one department or one team; most of the time it’s the result of multiple teams working collaboratively together. However, for many businesses, there’s often a lack of process that allows sales, marketing and service teams to efficiently connect and understand each other. Process and communication is an increasingly difficult challenge, given the remote working environment brought by the pandemic. Implementing RevOps can help your teams to break down the silos separating different departments and provide them with tools to better communication, transparency and efficiency. Each revenue stage is clearly defined, tasks are easily assigned and tracked, opportunities are identified quickly with less delay. 

These are just a few reasons why RevOps adoption can significantly benefit your business. If you are interested in learning more about RevOps adoption and implementation, please feel free to reach out to our pack of implementation experts and we will be happy to walk you through what a thriving RevOps practice looks like and how you can master RevOps in 2022