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Marketing Automation in a Rapidly Changing World

Marketing automation has become a key driver for maximising efficiency in taking the customer through the funnel. As marketers, it is important to stay in-tune with your marketing automations especially as we see rapid changes happening. It is important to stay relevant, real and authentic, creative, empathetic, context, all at scale. In this episode, Anna (Gooden) Howard-Taylor dissects the marketing & customer relationship and breaks down how marketers should approach speaking to their audience in the key areas: who, what, when, where, why how? We are so excited to kick-off the All Ears podcast with our incredible guest, Anna!

Show Notes.

In an ever-changing world, how do marketers stay agile and adapt?

In this episode, we dig into the role of marketing and discuss questions like:
– How do marketers create a more authentic connection with people?
– What happens when marketers lose authenticity?
– Why do brands miss the mark in messaging?
– How do you put your customers in the centre?

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