Cattle Dog Digital

Sharing Literacy Planets digital transformation experience

by Alice Buckley

October 21, 2021

Matt Campion, Samantha Poblete, and Calum Fraser meet to discuss their experience working together. A great success!

Matt asks “What promoted you to engage with Marketo and Salesforce?”

Sam notes that the platform was setup by an ex staff member, so it needed a major relevant revamp. A better understanding of its functioning and refinement of sales, marketing and reporting was needed. The Literacy Planet team chose to work side by side with CattleDog, as they needed a push in the right direction. The team needed the technical skillset, previous experience and support of Cattle Dog to make these moves in the right direction.

After all, Cattle Dog “aspires to be their customers trusted advisors”.

Matt asks both Sam and Calum “What was the impact these issues were having on the business?” Sam begins this discussion by saying that basically, these issues were wasting their time. These issues restricted their ability to move forward as a team and excel in a positive direction.

With the development of their platform and major refinement, time was saved, more accurate data was harnessed, and it opened up new customer engagement activities. With the help of CattleDog, the company was able to reduce missed opportunities, rather Literacy Planet was able to optimise.

“12 hours / average a month saved”

The team discussed their wonderful experience with Cattle Dog.
Sam and Calum express their experience connecting with CDD as smooth, and exciting as Cattle Dog members unleashed endless possibilities for the future of Literacy Planet. Sam goes on by saying how supportive the business relationship was throughout its entirety. CDD empowered the Literacy Planet team and allowed results to bloom with minimal interaction.

Matt goes on by saying this perception was two way, as the Literacy Planet team formed a bridge between their initial objectives and the systems concepts of Marketo and Salesforce. Both Sam and Calum had knowledge towards the platform and achievable and specific ideas which they aimed to achieve. This made the collaboration effective and powerful.

Sam advises any other business in a similar boat, to start a discussion with Cattle Dog, as the things you are finding difficult right now will seem easier with the right support. Callum advises to break down their objectives into simple outcomes, prior to forming a detailed approach and strategy. Nailing down pain points that the business is finding is beneficial, as the company is able to understand a sense of hierarchy in what needs to be fixed first. Calum suggests starting small and working outwards, in achieving a gradual success story.