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Pack Profile: Ying Hu

Her Journey, Role and Where She Finds Inspiration

by Alice Buckley

February 7, 2022

We had the honour of interviewing Ying Hu, Senior Marketing Automation Consultant at Cattle Dog Digital. In this post, we dive into Ying’s journey in becoming a marketing automation consultant, her role, and where she finds inspiration. 


Finding Her Strength in Marketing Automation 

After graduating from the University of Melbourne, Ying started her career working in the education sector. In her role at a student accommodation service company, she focused on digital marketing. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Ying started working from home (as many of us). At this time, she began pondering the idea of changing roles and industries. Ying took time to contemplate what her next chapter should be and thought through the steps needed to make this change.

Ying always enjoyed marketing and began dialling in her interest in marketing automation. In her previous roles, Ying had worked with a few marketing automation tools (Salesforce, Pardot, etc). Through these experiences, she really dove into different marketing automation technologies, learned best practices, and built a marketing toolkit best suited for the business. Ying saw this as part of her strengths and was keen to further develop and build her skills as a consultant. 

In beginning her marketing automation career journey, Ying’s first goal was to become Salesforce Certified. She hoped that learning more about Salesforce and becoming certified would prove her experience, skills and knowledge and open more opportunities for work. Ying was eager to build her expertise and skills so that she could join a great company and do work she enjoyed. 


Joining the Cattle Dog Muster

Ying joined the Cattle Dog Digital team initially as a Marketing Automation Consultant. This role was very new and different from what she had previously done, as she started working closely with clients and partners. Ying felt extremely motivated to continue to grow and learn new things in the Cattle Dog ecosystem. She thrived working remotely, using the convenience and flexibility to her advantage. Overall, working remotely suited her work style. Ying says that, “Cattle Dog has mastered the online work style. The team works effectively together in an online space, consistently collaborating and communicating, utilising tools like Jira.” 

Ying was recently promoted to Senior Marketing Automation Consultant! In her new role, Ying has felt very comfortable and excited, sharing, “The management team was and is super open to providing opportunities for all team members to learn.” Ying aims to continuously learn and grow with the team Cattle Dog Digital.

“Cattle Dog has mastered the online work style. The team works effectively together in an online space, consistently collaborating and communicating, utilising tools like Jira.”

-Ying Hu, Senior Marketing Automation Consultant, Cattle Dog Digital




Day In the Life of a Marketing Automation Master 

Ying described her role as a Marketing Automation Consultant as having two parts: 

  1. Consulting Part: Understanding the clients’ requirements, helping map out what they need and strategising how the Cattle Dog team could achieve this with existing tools or potential tools.
  2. Technical Part: Implementing the plan in the system and manifesting the stages that are discussed during the consulting and discovery part of the project.


Finding Inspiration

Ying is passionate about contributing to the success of clients and customers. Alongside the successful outcomes, she finds inspiration in the clients’ transformation journey. Ying feels that it is important to be inspired by new thinking and ideas, stating, “it is a mutually beneficial relationship.” This passion gives Ying a sense of achievement and is the main factor contributing to her enjoyment and satisfaction in her role at Cattle Dog Digital. Outside of her career-focused passions, Ying is also passionate about her hobbies including; running, cooking and hanging out with friends!


Favourite Dog: German Shepherd 

Ying is a fan of German Shepherds sharing, “ I get along with them the most!”