Cattle Dog Digital

Pack Profile: Matt Campion

His Background, Passions and Cattle Dog Story

by Kenzie Lee

February 2, 2022

We had the chance to interview Matt Campion, the Operations Director of Cattle Dog Digital. In this post, we dive into Matt’s background, passions, and his story with Cattle Dog Digital.


Tackling the Tech Bubble 

Matt studied at Georgia State University in the US, and in 1998 graduated with a Business Administration degree, majoring in marketing. Matt was in the US during the tech bubble and reflects on it as a really exciting time. He shared that the energy and possibilities of tech driven growth was very infectious, sparking his interest in this area. 

Matt began his career with Hewitt Associates (now Aon), a large HR consulting and technology company, where he worked as a business analyst. In this role, Matt enjoyed the problem-solving nature, which focused on solving the ‘why’ in business challenges. This sparked Matt’s consulting passion, which led him into another role in Newport Beach, California as a sales analyst. This started his journey into CRM, sales operations and the strategic thinking around the interplay between strategy and operations. 

At this time, California was a large part of the tech movement and he took a role with IXIA, a network testing company. Working in a smaller company led to more responsibility in the deep end of global sales operation where Matt learnt and led the Salesforce platform, sales compensation operations reporting and account planning. This was where Matt began his long relationship with Revenue Operations (RevOps). 

Matt was offered a mid-market consulting job with Salesforce in Denver, Colorado. He was completely immersed in this role, gaining exposure to some amazing tech companies on the west coast of America. In his experience working for these US tech companies, Matt further developed his passion for consulting, solving problems, measuring outcomes, building relationships and seeing first hand how CRM can transform businesses. Matt began mastering CRM and data organisation, he adopted an ethos which he would work with customers he refers to as the ‘Three C’s’:

  1. Centralising data
  2. Contextualising data within the business, using their own process flows
  3. Collaboration utilising this data


Coast to Coast 

In 2007, Matt jumped on an opportunity for a larger project in Sydney, Australia, for the professional services (PSA) team at Salesforce which consisted of 60 people in total. At the end of 2008, Matt and three colleagues decided to start their own consultancy agency called, Quattro, which specialised in Salesforce. It is at Quattro where Matt met Luke and Nas, Co-Founders of Cattle Dog Digital. 

The business grew over five years and Matt ultimately ended up at Deloitte in 2013. During four years at Deloitte, Matt’s interest and passion for innovation and product management grew through exposure to incredible client projects and colleagues.This led Matt to take a Product Management role at Janison, an online learning company, and then a Strategy and Delivery role with innovative online travel company, TripaDeal. Fast-forward to April 2020, Matt went full circle to link up with Luke, Nas and Sarah and joined Cattle Dog Digital!


Passion for Pedigree Projects

Cattle Dog Digital’s work for Botero Coffee was one particular project that stands out to Matt as a favourite. It revealed material and lasting measurable business outcomes for Botero. This project is close to Matt’s heart, as Botero is located in regional NSW, close to where Matt grew up. Botero transformed from paper and iPhone based processes to a digital, data driven and automated platform which is already helping to scale and grow their business further. The data doesn’t lie! Matt explains, “I am most passionate about customer’s successful outcomes and team growth and collaboration…I get excited when customers reflect on the change that our work with them helps them achieve.”

“I am most passionate about customer’s successful outcomes and team growth and collaboration…I get excited when customers reflect on the change that our work with them helps them achieve.”

-Matt Campion, Director of Operations, Cattle Dog Digital



Continuous Success Leader

In a startup business, energy and growth is continual, and often it’s important to be focusing on the right things at the right time with the right people. Matt shares that he ultimately tries to help his team mates, “all wear the right hat at the right time”. Matt helps ensure there are efficient and effective processes and collaboration through the full funnel. Matt describes himself as a coach who ensures continual sales effectiveness, delivery excellence and customer success. Matt’s role hones in on strategy, sales, project management and resourcing. 


Cattle Dog Digital’s Unbeatable Leadership Team 

At Cattle Dog Digital, Sarah, Nas, Luke and Matt are all steering the ship together. Matt is always looking at the weather (operating environment) and looking out for icebergs (obstacles) to make sure there is a really clear passage to deliver great work and customer success. At the end of the day, Matt feels most passionate about customer success outcomes and team member growth and collaboration. He sees Cattle Dog Digital thrive as it embraces openness and diverse thinking.