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Pack Profile: Linda Godfrey

Pack Profile: Linda Godfrey

Her Story in Joining Cattle Dog Digital, Value Set, Passions and Beliefs

by Alice Buckley

April 20, 2022

We had the chance to interview Linda Godfrey, Director of RevOps at Cattle Dog Digital. In this post, we dive into Linda’s story, value set, passions, and beliefs.


Career Background

Linda studied science at University, majoring in statistics and physiology. As soon as Linda graduated, she went into a graduate program, taking on many roles in the National Mutual group for 14 years. In this time, Linda transitioned from graduate to a PM / BA role working in technology when PC networks first came into being. Linda felt lucky to work in international funds management overseas in APAC during this period, however she made the conscious choice to leave this job. She then found a role working on the first version of internet banking. Linda went in and out of consulting, including in areas of systems development, logistics and retail. Then she went on to work at JB-HiFi, and spent 3 years in a business transformation role. 


Joining the Cattle Dog Digital Team

During Linda’s time at JB-HiFi, she spent a lot of time working with Cattle Dog Digital on technical projects in the business. Linda has joined Cattle Dog Digital as the Director of RevOps, she shares, “I’ve been here for 2 weeks and it feels like forever.” Linda is excited to work with Cattle Dog Digital’s internal team on the business strategy and is eager to help drive Cattle Dog Digital’s vision and values forward. Linda shares, “It is an unbelievable thing to be part of the growth journey of where the company is now, compared to what it will be in a year. I am now part of its transformation.” As the Director of RevOps, Linda is thrilled to be in the position to strategically lift Cattle Dog Digital into the future of opportunities. 

Linda Godfrey Cattle Dog Digital Director of RevOps

“Everything is about integrity…The courtesy and care between team members is phenomenal… Everyone is so considerate and respectful.”

-Linda Godfrey, Director of RevOps, Cattle Dog Digital 


Cattle Dog Digital’s Value Set 

Linda felt as time went on throughout her career, her expectations grew in terms of corporate culture. From the first day working with Cattle Dog Digital as a client at JB-HiFi, Linda says that she was impressed with the company’s value set. “It was unique,” Linda explains. Cattle Dog Digital’s dedication to their value set is a major part of why she jumped at the opportunity of joining the team, as she had such great confidence in how the team lives to their value set. “Everything is about integrity,” Linda says, “The courtesy and care between team members is phenomenal… Everyone is so considerate and respectful.”


Passions and Beliefs 

Linda believes her passions outside of work have a significant alignment with her passions inside work. She has practiced martial arts, Aikio in particular, for many years. Linda is at the 6th level of black belt, and believes it is a way of life. At this level, Linda says it is about not having an ego, rather teaching just as much as practicing. Similar in the workforce, Linda aims to help those around her, in order to thrive herself. As well, Linda’s passion for snow skiing shines. Linda has no competitive interest, rather believes the sport has wonderful mental and physical benefits. A friend and mentor of Linda’s from the sport has a philosophy of being the best you can possibly be, which strongly resonates with her work ethic and the value set of Cattle Dog Digital. 


Favourite Dog: Shiba Inu Mountain Dog

Linda’s favourite dog is a shiba inu mountain dog! She likes that they are snow dogs and are smart and loyal.