Cattle Dog Digital

Pack Profile: Ashley Thomas

His Story, Role and Views on Business Culture

by Alice Buckley

February 3, 2022

We had the great opportunity to interview Ashley Thomas, the Manager of RevOps at Cattle Dog Digital. In this post, we dive into Ash’s story of joining the team, his role, and views on the culture at Cattle Dog Digital.


Joining the Pack

Ash joined the Cattle Dog team in December 2021. Ash and Matt Campion, Cattle Dog Digital’s Director of Operations, worked together three years ago at Janison Solutions, an education management technology platform. Ash was Matt’s manager, they formed a close connection and kept in touch over the years. Ash said their love of football kept them in contact as they parted ways in their careers. Ash watched Cattle Dog Digital flourish, and joined the team after Campo reached out to him. Ash was very excited to join the pack and become a part of the growth at Cattle Dog Digital.


The RevOps Solutionist 

Ash is the Manager of RevOps, in this role he looks at what clients have implemented in their business process then pinpoints what pieces of the jigsaw are missing and makes recommendations to improve and optimise. RevOps (Revenue Operations) breaks down silos in companies so that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals. Ash looks for ways to increase revenue opportunities with his skills and the resources Cattle Dog Digital offers. Ash’s ‘get out of bed’ incentive is to work with clients to build solutions to their problems. He enjoys using IT as a technology but also helping clients utilise IT platforms effectively. 

ashley thomas - revops manager“Everyone wants to continuously improve their own skills whilst improving the customers experience and retention.”

-Ashley Thomas, RevOps Manager, Cattle Dog Digital




Unpacking ‘The Pack’ 

As Ash reflects on the culture at Cattle Dog Digital, he points out the idea of ‘the pack’ and how this foundation has created such a strong corporate culture. Every team member is connected and can grow both independently and as a team. He believes that the idea of ‘leading the pack’ and ‘best of breed’ places the company as forward thinking and innovative. Ash says “I love Luke’s story about how Cattle Dog got its name; leading the pack and breeding a dog to survive in the Australian outback, and being the best of breed in that perspective to deliver… and everyone is on the same page. Everyone wants to continuously improve their own skills whilst improving the customers experience and retention.” 


Favourite Dog: English Springer Spaniel

Ash loves English Springer Spaniels! He has a sweet spaniel named Daisy who is, “very intelligent but loves chasing birds.”