Cattle Dog Digital

Pack Profile: Andrew Nguyen

His Story, Role and Passions

by Alice Buckley

February 23, 2022

We had the chance to interview Andrew, ERP Consultant at Cattle Dog Digital. In this post, we dive into Andrew’s story, role, and passions.


His Journey to ERP 

When Andrew graduated from university, he found it very difficult to enter the tech industry. He had a hard time finding a company who would take the risk in employing him as a graduate while also nurturing his growth. After many applications, and hours of searching, Andrew was finally offered the opportunity to interview for a job as a Graduate Consultant at Cattle Dog Digital. After three rounds of interviews, Andrew was hired! In the process of interviewing, he felt that as a candidate, the executive team really cared about him, sharing, “It was not what they said but what they did. I am a lucky guy in good hands!”


The Chef and Architect 

Andrew, or as the team calls him, ‘The Chef’, is now a Consultant at Cattle Dog Digital. In his role, he works with the ERP team to  listen to client needs, and transfer their needs from blueprint into a system and right through to the final product. In his role, he is focused on helping the customers take their vision for what they want and translating it into a fully unique and functional system that meets the needs of their business. 


Passionate About Customer Success 

In his work, Andrew is most passionate about helping the customer and experiencing the final moments where everything comes together. He says, “It is extremely rewarding.” As well, Andrew is always looking to better himself and has pursued many certifications including: Sage Intacct Implementation Specialist, Salesforce Certified Administrator (SCA), Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator (SCAA),and Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Certification. 

“The team always opens their arms when help is needed.”

-Andrew Nguyen, ERP Consultant, Cattle Dog Digital



Contributing to an Awesome Culture 

Cattle Dog Digital’s business culture is important to Andrew. He says the business culture is ‘awesome’ as he feels he can reach out for help when he needs it, like asking a technical question regarding a specific platform. He feels that he receives an immediate response and the entire process is very swift. He thinks it is a nice environment to work in as, “The team always opens their arms when help is needed.”


Favourite Dog: German Shepherd 

Andrew likes German Shepherds as they are smart in nature and are emotionally intelligent.