Cattle Dog Digital

Pack Profile: Alice Buckley

Her Background, Role and Passions

by Kenzie Lee

February 1, 2022

We had the opportunity to speak to Alice Buckley, the Marketing Coordinator at Cattle Dog Digital. She shared her journey in joining the team, what she does in her role, and what she is passionate about.

Starting Her Career Journey

Alice joined Cattle Dog Digital just after finishing her studies at Wollongong University, where she received a Bachelor of Media and Communications as a Dean’s Scholar, specialising in Marketing and Advertising, and Visual Communication Design. Throughout her studies, Alice completed a few internships, working in graphic design, advertising, public relations and production roles. Sarah Harkeness, Cattle Dog Digital’s Co-Founder and Director of RevOps, connected with Alice and brought her on as the marketing coordinator.


Alice at Cattle Dog Digital

In her role, Alice has been excited to bring her skills to the team and learn more about digital marketing, marketing communications and digital tools like Pardot and Salesforce. Alice works closely with Kenzie Lee, Cattle Dog Digital’s marketing manager and enjoys delivering internal marketing outcomes and learning more about different softwares and solutions. Alice helps deliver the marketing strategy including; social media, website, content creation, campaigns, blogs, podcasts and webinars – anything that connects the brand to the customers. 

Alice really enjoys connecting with the team every day. Though Cattle Dog Digital is currently working remotely, Alice is very passionate about the togetherness and vibe at Cattle Dog Digital. Alice shared, “I look forward to talking with the team members and working on different projects… It’s nice to see a team who respects one another.” Alice also looks forward to webinars and connecting with such a diverse range of guest speakers who are able to share their stories and knowledge. 

alice buckley“I look forward to talking with the team members and working on different projects… It’s nice to see a team who respects one another.”

– Alice Buckley, Marketing Coordinator, Cattle Dog Digital




Sharing the Cattle Dog Difference

“Everyone looks out for each other,” Alice stated. She explained that Sarah (Sharky), Luke and Matt encourage the team to, ‘look after yourself and if you need to, take time for yourself.’ She likes how Cattle Dog Digital makes the team and their health and wellness a priority over work. In such a fast paced environment, Alice thinks it is so fantastic to see the leadership team uphold strong family values.


Favourite Dog: Labrador

We asked Alice what her favourite dog is. Answer: Labradors! Alice shared, “They are funny, loving and silly.” She had a lab named Mo who was very loved in her family, so labradors have always been a favorite of hers.