Cattle Dog Digital

Leading the Pack in Diversity: Australian Growth Company Awards Winner

Sarah Harkness, Cattle Dog Digital Co-Founder Wins ‘2021 One to Watch Women in Leadership Award’ at the Australian Growth Company Awards 

by Alice Buckley

November 1, 2021

The breed at Cattle Dog Digital is a pedigree lot. We are excited to share that Sarah Harkness, Co-Founder and RevOps Director of Cattle Dog Digital has won the 2021 One to Watch Women in Leadership Award at the Australian Growth Company Awards 2021. According to the ACGA website, these awards, “celebrate excellence and recognise companies that demonstrate high rates of sustainable growth, innovation, integrity and contribution to the community.”

Our goal is to lead the pack in diversity, providing opportunities for everyone to thrive.When reflecting on this award and our achievements so far, we asked ourselves – what is diversity? What does it actually mean?

To us, diversity means respecting that everyone is unique in their own ways. With respect comes nurturing these differences in a safe, positive and family-focused space. Diversity underpins our entire value set as a company. Our ‘ohana’ is our priority, so celebrating diversity is fundamental to every aspect of Cattle Dog Digital.

At Cattle Dog Digital, our team members are our family. We aim to better understand each other, moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual. That means continuing to create awareness and develop our corporate strategy to be more focused around the idea of diversity. We aim to move in a positive direction, placing diversity on a pedestal. This award is an affirmation of our goals and values. 

Sarah Harkness passionately shares, “I am humbled and honoured to be recognised for something I care so deeply about, and that is representing women in technology and underrepresentation of women in our industry”. 

I am really lucky to do everything I love, every day, and that I’m offered an unbiased and supportive platform to do it from.” – Sarah Harkness 

At Cattle Dog Digital, we cherish and support our corporate community and the relationships with our stakeholders. We are proud of our ecosystem, and look forward to welcoming future employees, partners or clients.