Cattle Dog Digital

Intercom and Cattle Dog Digital: A New Way to Interact With Your Funnel

by Sarah Harkness 

June 4, 2020

Cattle Dog Digital is very excited to announce its newly minted partnership with Intercom, a market leader in chat and instant messaging across multiple platforms. Many of Cattle Dog Digital’s high tech customers were already leveraging the power of Intercom with direct interaction, in-app messaging or sequence-based communications inside their technology solutions to their customers. Cattle Dog Digital found that bringing the data to life inside Salesforce gave new insights to support, sales and marketing about how client’s customers were using their products and deeper analytics about the funnel. 

We’re excited to partner with Intercom and see the opportunities for two way live communication in real-time being the contextual difference between a customer that stays or a customer who logs out. Being able to offer that human interaction in real-time and have that data and conversation appear inside Salesforce means that usage data is no longer siloed in third party or other tools. Intercom also stands alone as a solution that can augment your website as a chat tool or marketing comms tool and alongside the likes of Pardot, Hubspot or Marketo the power of a combined revenue technology stack can help marketers and salespeople automate the funnel. 

“We’re seeing the adoption of two way SMS, and direct chat communications are no different,” says Sarah Harkness, Director of Revenue at Cattle Dog Digital. These tools enable a direct conversation, faster case resolution or upsell and cross-sell opportunities while a customer is active on a site or in an application. Creating the journey the customer goes through is part of the process. Strategically guiding them down a pathway is now no longer a competitive differentiation it is expected. With new technologies being added to the market every day, customer expectations have changed and if they open a chat window, they want to talk to a person, not a bot. Even if it’s implied that it’s an AI tool, customers still want the ability to free text their question and get a response. 

Intercom allows for automation around common questions asked, resolutions and Cattle Dog Digital is excited to bring the technology offering to their customers in their RevOps-as-a-Service offering. This includes a set of platform technology and best-of-breed solutions, including Pendula, Intercom, Pardot, Salesforce and Triggr, to name a few. These partners enable us to scale the business and offer clients the right solution fit for their requirements, not just our agenda. That is why clients get an amazing experience working with us at Cattle Dog Digital. Our platform knowledge doesn’t just extend to Salesforce, despite it being our core. This is why we are proud to partner with Intercom as a technology partner and tool.