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How to Choose the Right MarTech

How to Choose the Right MarTech

Practical Tips on How to Pick the Right MarTech Tools for Your Organisation

by Ying Hu 

July 22, 2022

Choosing the right MarTech is one of the key decisions marketers need to make as part of a digital optimisation journey. The right tech stack can help achieve marketing and sales goals across the customer lifecycle, save time, and costs. On the other hand, not picking the right tools may bring extra complications and add unnecessary stress to marketing and sales teams. One common headache that we hear from businesses starting out on the RevOps journey is that they don’t think they are using their current MarTech system at its full capacity. This is something that can be avoided if the right tech is implemented at the start. If you already have a tech stack in place that is giving you a headache, follow along as I frame the key considerations when building out a tech stack optimisation plan.


MarTech Budget

There is no need for a big budget. It’s a common myth that MarTech tools are very expensive and require a big budget. That’s not always the case, especially if you only have a small team and are still growing your database. Many of the MarTech tools offer a low-cost subscription option for small and medium sized businesses to help you get started. Some of the tools even have free versions you can sign up to so you can start implementing some changes to your marketing activities right away before fully committing to that platform. Don’t let cost be a roadblock, stopping you from automating and streamlining your marketing processes. What’s more important is to always choose something that’s scalable for your business so the technology can help you along the way as you grow and expand.


RevOps RevTech

MarTech Research

Do your own research. Has your organisation invested in a new MarTech tool just because you heard that some of your competitors are using the same tool? You are not alone. While some tools are definitely better suited for certain industries, it’s definitely worthwhile to spend some time doing your own research before making your decision. The pain points you are facing and the resolutions you are looking for are unique to your business. Make sure to invest in a MarTech tool that can actually help you in the most efficient way. There are so many options available out there and the pool is growing. Every tool has its own features and selling points so take your time to watch some demos, read reviews or even try out a trial version to see if it actually delivers what you require. As you research these tools, you will be able to identify the one that’s most suitable for your business, as afterall you are the one who knows what works best for you.

MarTech Training and Support

Don’t forget training and support. This is something that many organizations don’t realise the importance of until they actually start implementing the MarTech tool of their choice. Adapting a new technology isn’t just a one-off project, it’s a transition process that takes time and effort, especially if it affects multiple teams at your organisation. If you don’t have easy and reliable access to the training and support you need, whether it’s in-house or through an agency, the whole tech implementation process may become frustrating and even fall apart. Talk to the representative of the tech company and discuss internally with your team. You should have a clear understanding of the level of support and training you may require as part of the decision-making process.


MarTech Marketing Automation

MarTech Review

Look at what you have. When you are seeking tech solutions to achieve your new marketing goals, never rule out the option of re-evaluating your existing system if you are already using them. The advantage is obvious; your organisation chose the tool for a reason in the first place, your team is already familiar with how it works, your data and files have been stored in there for a long time. All you need to do is investigate how you can better utilise the tool so it meets your new requirements. There might be extra features you can unlock by paying a little bit more per month, there might be addons you can integrate to activate a new automation, or you simply need to upskill your team so that they know how to utilise the tool in a more advanced way.

As you look to implement or improve your current MarTech, I hope these tips will help you land your dream MarTech instance so you can experience the magic it brings to your business. If you have questions around how to run a proper tech evaluation, need expert insight on different technologies in the market, or need help optimising your current stack, call on the RevOps experts at Cattle Dog Digital. Book a free RevOps health check with us today and we will help you work through the best solutions for your business to operate at max capacity.