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RevOps Masterclass Session 1: Getting Started with RevOps

RevOps Masterclass Session 1: Getting Started with RevOps

Getting Started with RevOps.

by Tiffany Egan 

June 15, 2022

Our resident RevOps subject matter experts, Linda Godfrey and Jen Smith recently conducted a masterclass on how to get started with RevOps. If you missed the RevOps masterclass, you can catch the replay here or read on for the highlights.

A summary of what RevOps is not. 

Many of us work, or have worked, in organisations created around functional departments. Traditional business models built around divisions operate as, well, divisions. Divisional structures challenge the business of revenue generation. Siloed skills, budgets, databases, systems, technology, goals, and processes are almost unavoidable in divisional organisations. The bigger the organisation, the greater the complexity. Inefficiency, growing cost, and team tension is inevitable. 

Sound familiar?

We all know there are no silver bullets to achieving revenue generation and close, but having the right organisational model is a proven foundation to accelerate sustained commercial success.

So … what IS RevOps?

RevOps is a contemporary business framework that aims to drive maximum profits for the business by delivering connected, data-driven insights. RevOps covers end-to-end business processes of driving predictable revenue across marketing, sales, renewals, and finance with transparency and execution rigour.

RevOps is a deliberate business strategy that brings together technology, processes, and people to build a revenue generating engine.

The RevOps framework in action.

With a RevOps framework in place, each part of the business integrates seamlessly, leaving no gaps for customers to fall through. A RevOps model creates an “infinity loop” that describes the customer journey through the sales cycle and how data flows between Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Finance teams. Technology enables the infinity loop by connecting marketing automation, finance systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, CRM systems, and sales ops tools. 

RevOps enables data-driven insights from shared technology systems to inform the customer experience from lead to purchase to payment to customer success and retention. Ideally, the infinity loop remains in motion to create recurring revenue, with the smooth interaction between different functions ensuring no unplanned customer exit from the loop.

A RevOps framework creates an

Benefits of the RevOps framework. 

Organisations operating a RevOps framework realise incredible business and operational value.

1. RevOps models improve operational visibility:

  • A single source of truth for all customer data, metrics, and reports.
  • Faster, better, data-driven decision-making.
  • Revenue growth with higher deal values and volume, and shorter sales cycles.

2. RevOps frameworks drive customer-centricity:

  • Stronger team collaboration through shared goals, objectives, and metrics. 
  • Better team accountability.
  • Delivery of outstanding customer experiences.
  • Improved customer loyalty.

3. RevOps ensures ROI on tech spend:

  • Strategic, cost-effective use of technology.
  • Budget released for innovation investments.
  • Reliable compliance.

4. RevOps enables business scalability:

  • Unified processes.
  • Productive, low-friction teamwork.
  • Aligned technology, people, and processes.

RevOps Statistics

Forrester  &  Imagine Business Development

Why get started with RevOps now?

There are three key business drivers motivating organisations globally to consider and embrace, RevOps frameworks for revenue generation:  

  1. Digital landscape evolution. The speed and sophistication at which the digital landscape has evolved shows no sign of slowing down. Organisations worldwide recognise a customer-centric RevOps framework delivering data-driven insights to improve revenue growth, and operational efficiency is a proven path to accelerate and sustain growth.
  2. Rising customer expectations. Today’s customers are self-sufficient, digitally savvy, have multiple options to meet any need, and hold high expectations for exceptional customer service. A customer might engage an organisation through any or every channel with buying processes that are not linear or predictable. Aligning people and processes with a RevOps framework ensures readiness for a brand to meet a customer at any point in their purchase journey. 
  3. Customer experience is key. Like it or not, the incredible customer experiences delivered by brands, such as Amazon and Uber, set a high bar for companies everywhere to follow suit. Customers want a research and purchase experience that is fast, consistent, high-quality, and transparent to make buying decisions every time from any device. The technology alignment of a RevOps model is the only way to meet, and exceed, customer expectations for an incredible experience worth repeating.


Getting started with RevOps.

Are you interested in RevOps but not sure how to start?

Cattle Dog Digital lives and breathes RevOps. We’re the only team of full-funnel consulting and implementation experts that can stand up your RevOps tech-stack and processes across business-critical functions. And do it fast. 

We offer a RevOps health check for organisations wanting to know if RevOps is the right move for them. The health check includes the delivery of a customised RevOps roadmap, task list, and advisory sessions unique to your business. 

Alternatively, RevOps-as-a-service lets you introduce RevOps to your business at a pace your business, time, and budget can manage.

Contact the friendly Cattle Dog Digital team anytime to learn more with a quick, obligation-free conversation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

… And don’t forget! You can watch this Masterclass Session Live on Demand