Cattle Dog Digital

Cattle Dog Digital + PeopleStreme: A Full-Funnel Architecture Transformation

by Alice Buckley

October 21, 2021

In conversation with Fionn O’Keeffe CFO of Peoplestreme and Luke Orell managing director of Cattledog Digital, the story of the full- funnel architecture transformation of Peoplestreme is discussed. Fionn discusses the challenges faced in accelerating digital adoption with Salesforce and FinancialForce and how Cattle Dog Digital partners with them to ensure CI/CD across their architecture.

PeopleStreme is a leading provider of HR solutions for performance management, talent management, eLearning, eRecruitment and onboarding softwares. The simple off the shelf accounting system commenced digital transformation to obtain a 360 degree view of all customers.

Fionn justifies Peoplestremes decision in sourcing an external consultant. Fionn says that using Cattle Dog Digital was an advantageous decision, as the team was able to bring experience to the table, optimising their modules. The CDD team pin pointed particular objectives and was able to strategise to fit these expectations.

Luke admits that Peoplestreme as a client was unique and challenging due to the varied technologies Peoplestreme leverages for their digital footprint. However, through an agile relationship, both CDD and Peoplestreme were able to form the right architecture, to see the company move towards a bright future. Deliberate and managed changes were made to pull together governance and discipline to the core of the business.

How does a company successfully manage transformation?

Well, Fionn says that it comes down to having the right support background. CDD provided valuable support which in turn optimised the businesses capabilities. Also, training is a key part of managing such massive changes to a company. Training all employees to trust these changes is vital. It is important that all employees understand that life is easier with these changes being implemented.

So what were the results?

Fionn excitedly lists the major benefits of undertaking digital transformation. Fionn says that their ability to follow customer lifetime from lead to contract renewal enhanced, they were able to close books in a number of days, data became transparent and easily accessible, and reporting capabilities improved.

One great point to note is that the digital transformation allowed the business to move to the asian market, under the umbrella of Ascender. The new and improved changes allowed scaling up possible, as the business had the right tools to do so.